Are you in retirement crisis mode?

It's not just about your "number," that magical dollar amount that will most likely outlast your lifespan, long may it be.

It's more about having a dependable cash flow that will meet your needs with extra to spare, year in and year out.

For that to happen you can't even think about the government taking care of you or company pension plans. Who knows where Social Security is headed? And even if you are lucky enough to have a pension plan, you don't know if the administrators are fiscally responsible, or if it's even fully funded.

No, when it comes down to it, you can only depend on yourself and your family.

If you've planned well and your investments have done okay, you may be sitting pretty. If you are, congratulations! But you're in the minority.

Planning for your future

For most of us, our financial futures are uncertain and filled with risk. But the good news is that it's never to late to come up with a new plan.

There isn't much agreement about the best way to generate retirement income. Especially today, retired doesn’t necessarily mean you're no longer working.

Ideally, the more passive your income sources, the better. 

You could rent out a room in your home, either on a semi-permanent basis, or as a vacation rental with a company like Airbnb.

Starting your own business may sound too difficult, but has the potential to offer mostly passive income, once you get it set up.

Just remember, you're either growing or dying. Even in retirement it's so important to find ways to challenge ourselves and continue to grow, no matter what that looks like. 

Starting your own wholesale business is a great example of a venture that takes work up front, but can become a great source of passive income as you gain success and start outsourcing most of the work.

Is there a Wholesale Business in your future?

The Wholesale Formula

The best option we're aware of currently, is Dan Meadors' and Dylan Frost's "The Wholesale Formula."

This is a great opportunity for seniors, who still want to work but have found limited opportunities in today's work environment.

Some of the advantages are:

  • This is work that rewards those with a lifetime of experience in different job markets
  • The program continues to be proven over and over again, by hundreds of successful students over several years.
  • Success depends only on following proven processes, not on whether you have the right personality or right connections
  • It doesn't take much money to get started
  • Dan and Dylan provide exceptional support as you learn and grow
  • Most of the work can be outsourced, while still providing impressive profits
  • Simple exit strategy - when you're ready you can sell the business. The more successful you are the more you can sell for.

What to do next

Attend one of our limited availability webinars to find our more, and get your questions answered.

Check the link below to see if the program is still open.

Thanks for reading. 

Plan well for your future, and we wish you the best!

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