Bear with me here (even smart bears love a cheesy pun).

The purpose of this website, https://thesmartestbear.com, is to find the best ways to make money online and share that with like-minded entrepreneurs. The other purpose is for me to make some hmoney for my efforts and recommendations.

Within the content on my website you will see links that go out to other websites and services. Some of these links are affiliate links, which means I could earn hmoney if you click them and end up purchasing or signing up for a product or service.

I only link to outside sources that I have thoroughly sniffed, scratched, vetted, tested and believe in myself. This is how I provide service and value. When I earn a little extra income it helps to support me in continuing to find the best ways for my readers to make a living online. 

If you choose to purchase something through me and use one of my affiliate links, it is greatly appreciated and I thank you!