Benefits of a couples business

Starting a business with a loved one may be the last thing some people want to do. But, if the thought doesn't scare you too much, there are many advantages. 

In today's environment, home may be the best place you can work. Depending on your circumstances it may be the only place you can work.  That means family members are there already, and may be your best source of available working capital. 

You can share experiences, expertise, goals, decisions, rewards and every good and challenging thing that comes with working.

Mutual support is a lot easier to find when your working with a loved one, and it can make the difference in success or failure.

Whatever you build together stays in the family. If anything ever happens to you, what you have built together is still there for your partner.

If your business becomes successful it will mean even more when you celebrate it with your partner. If things go poorly, you can lean on each other to get through the difficulties.

What type of business is best for you?

Love is a powerful motivator. But how many jobs let you work together with your spouse, sibling, child or parent?

Starting a business together lets you choose what is best suited to you. In the process, you can create your own job descriptions. 

So your partner can do the tasks that are best suited to their strengths or temperament, and you can do likewise. And you can outsource tasks that neither of you is suited to or can be done more cheaply elsewhere.

Some types of businesses to consider include:

  • Catering or a food truck
  • Home refurbishment and flipping
  • Sell home grown produce, baked goods or your own specialty products at a local farmers market
  • Consulting, depending or your and your partner's areas of expertise
  • Multi-level marketing (the risks can be high, but so can the rewards)
  • Restaurant delivery service
  • Gig work. Anything that can be done through Fiverr, Upwork, TaskRabbit, etc.
  • Ecommerce. Start your own eCom store on Shopify or become an Amazon white-label seller.
  • Amazon wholesaler, using The Wholesale Formula

Advantages of The Wholesale Formula for a couples business

The Wholesale Formula Advantages

As discussed above, the type of business that will be best for you, as a couple, depends on your individual strengths and inclinations. Buying products wholesale and selling them on Amazon, however, has a lot of advantages.

It's well suited to couples. There's enough work up front to make the startup phase a lot faster and easier if you have two people. As with any successful business template, there will also be many ups and downs, that are easier to get though with a partner you can rely on.

The Wholesale Formula is all about doing the work, and not at all about getting lucky or guessing what will be successful.

It's a proven system for building a business. The developers, Dan Meadors and Dylan Frost, have taught hundreds of their students to be successful over a period of several years.

There are no market saturation issues. Amazon is not only the largest store in the world, it's also the fastest growing one. There's a lot more demand for wholesale sellers than there is supply, both in the present and in the foreseeable future.

You're building an asset that can potentially be sold for a big payday, or passed on to heirs.

We could go on about the many benefits, but if you think you might be interested, the best place to learn more is at an upcoming webinar.

Just click below to find out if the program is still open and to sign up for the webinar.

Thanks for reading. If you decide to start a couples business we wish you the greatest of success!

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